Pampers Active Baby - Medium

Pampers Active Baby - Medium

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  • Total no of Pieces : 20
  • No of Diapers Per Pack : 20
  • Set of : 1
  • Brand : Pampers
  • Model Name : Active Baby
  • Size : M
  • Type : Tape Diapers
  • Ideal For : Kids
  • Weight : 522 g
  • Maximum Shelf Life : 36 Months
    • The first few years of a child’s life are crucial for their growth. Diapers are made to allow kids to move around freely without any constraints. These Pamper Active Baby Diapers make your baby’s movement more free and unconstrained.

      Magic core

      These diapers have a magic core which soaks the liquid and ensures your baby’s skin remains dry and clean at all times.

      Soft cotton like outer cover

      To ensure your baby doesn’t suffer from any rashes or allergies, these diapers have a soft cotton like outer cover which protects their sensitive skin.

      Balloon stretch tape

      With the balloon stretch tape it is easy for you to slip on and take off these diapers.

      Hypoallergenic lotion with Aloe Vera extracts

      The hypoallergenic lotion along with the Aloe Vera extracts keep your baby’s skin free of rashes and allergies. Furthermore, the Aloe Vera soothes the skin.

      Underwear like Design

      Making these diapers comfortable for your little one is the underwear like design.