Himalaya Diapers & Nappies Rash Cream 20 Gm

Himalaya Diapers & Nappies Rash Cream 20 Gm

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Product description

Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream 20 gm

From the Manufacturer

Protect Your Baby's Soft Skin from Diaper Rash

Himalaya diaper rash cream is a specially formulated baby cream to heal skin rashes. During a baby's diapering age, redness, rashes and irritation are common things caused by dampness. Himalaya rash cream contains almond oil, zinc and extracts of Aloe Vera and five-leaved chaste tree that treat your baby's skin in a natural way. Zinc, with its antiseptic and astringent properties, keeps your baby's skin cool and helps it to heal quickly. Five-leaved chaste tree extracts provide antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help treat sores and skin infections.

Mild Diaper Rash Cream for Your Baby

The Himalaya baby rash cream contains almond oil that soothes and softens the skin. Aloe Vera is known for its antibacterial and astringent properties that soothe the skin and cure skin infections gently and quickly. This rash cream is recommended by paediatricians and can be used even for newborn babies. To apply baby diaper rash cream, clean your baby's skin gently, pat it dry and carefully apply a layer of cream for effective healing. You can apply Himalaya diaper cream after every diaper change to ensure that your baby's skin stays rash-free always.

  • Brand: Himalaya
  • Ideal for: Treating rashes, irritation and inflammation
  • Age: Newborn and above
  • Contains: Almond oil, Aloe Vera extract, Zinc and Five-leaved chaste tree extract
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Paediatrician recommended
  • Content: 20g