Farlin Feeding Bottle Wash

Farlin Feeding Bottle Wash

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With the pollution and contamination growing each day, it is extremely important to keep your baby’s feeding bottles and other essential accessories like pacifiers and toys clean and germ-free. Farlin Feeding Bottle Wash is the safe and hygienic way to clean your child's utensils and essentials.

Natural and Mild Formula

This bottle wash is formulated with plant extracts. It is natural and mild, thus gently cleans your baby gears.

Anti-Bacterial Wash

This anti-bacterial wash ensures that your baby’s feeding utensils and toys are germ-free.

Through Cleansing

This wash thoroughly cleanses feeding bottles and effectively remove milk remnants.


This wash is non-toxic, thus safe to be used for baby care products.

Additional Uses

You can use this wash to clean vegetables and fruits before feeding them to your baby.

  • Type : Cleaner
  • Suitable for : Fruits, Tablewares, Toys, Vegetables
  • Safety Features : Non-artificial Perfume and Pigment, Non-toxic, Non-phosphorous, Environment Protecting, Anti-bacterial
  • Other Features : Non-irritable, pH 5.5 is Natural and Mild, Prevents Chapping of Hands, Plants Formula