Brand Values


Better health is essential for overall happiness, improved quality of life, and also economic stability, as a healthier person has greater productivity levels and suffers fewer sick days.

We tend to take our health for granted, ignoring symptoms until we are unwell. CareIndia continuously stresses the importance of regular full body health check-ups, as sooner the problems are detected the better the treatment’s success, and lifestyle diseases better monitored.

In addition to preventive care, we emphasise disease prevention through diet, be it Diabetes, PCOS, Thyroid or obesity management. We have a variety of health foods in our wellness pharmacies, encouraging people to adopt healthier choices.

To reduce self-medication, which can lead to bigger problems, we have in-house medical experts, and all our staff in the pharmacy are certified pharmacists.

Primary care builds the backbone of the entire health system of the country, because better patient-physician relationships promote overall health, which in turn reduce risks of chronic lifestyle diseases and hospitalization.

Having a good physician who ensures all your preventive screenings are complete, is necessary for overall wellness. In the UK, every citizen has a mandatory assigned family physician, and only this doctor can refer the patient to a specialist. This management improves health monitoring.

It is easy to take your health for granted when your fit, and thereforemany think preventive care is a waste of money and time. However,many early stage diseases have little to no symptoms, making regular screenings even more crucial. CareIndia continues educating the importance of preventive care in the communities it serves.



Patient convenience is important at CareIndia, and therefore all your basic primary and preventive health concerns are under one roof, making it a hassle-free process. There is no need for you to visit a hospital, where waiting times are long and consultation fees are high, unless you require a super-specialist or surgery.

Most of your concerns can be handled by a primary healthcare provider like CareIndia, and your registered physician can help refer you to super-specialist doctors in hospitals if required. Your health will be much better if your care is coordinated by one medical expert.

A good primary healthcare system that is affordable and easily accessible is a necessity for our country, without which diseases and hospitalization are on the rise. If there is good primary care, and education regarding preventive screenings, immunizations, and disease management, overall health will improve.

Company Values

By adopting, ‘The HEART Principles’, CareIndia ensures to maintain its integrity
whilst consistently pushing boundaries to encourage healthier lives.


We create an atmosphere of trust by openly communicating with one another.
A trusting environment so you feel comfortable to address your health concerns with our expert team.
‘Excellence’ is not only a value; it is a discipline that ensures we constantly push boundaries to achieve success.
We are passionate about people, health and living. Embracing excellence enables us to serve you through continuous learning and improvement, focus on your needs, and dedication to promptly address these needs.
The growth of CareIndia is synonymous with the personal and professional growth of our team members, who are indispensable to our organisation.
We don’t believe in just diagnosing you will an illness. We believe in helping you manage this lifestyle change, with continuous doctor hand-holding and our 360 management programmes.
We respect and value diversity. By being open-minded, listening and communicating we can grow from the experiences of others.
Medical professionals must be open-minded, careful listeners and honest advocates. This attitude is important, so you can freely share your concerns with us, and we work to customize a ‘care’ package catered to your needs.
Our team is our asset. Together everyone achieves more. As a team we are driven by collaboration, respect, communication and accountability, while recognizing that everyone has their unique role that must be respected and appreciated.
Certain diseases require the collaboration of doctors to see what programme is best suitable for you. For example, a diabetes patient requires the nutritionist and physician to work together to manage your condition.