Childhood Obesity

There is no denying that you know your child best. However, children may throw tantrums when listening to you, and may be more open and likely to listen to a professional outsider. Tell us your child’s existing eating habits, and we will develop a ‘smart plan’ for them. This ‘smart plan’ will infuse health and nutrition in their favourite foods, so they can eat healthier without throwing tantrums.

Children require essential nutrients for proper growth and energy to focus in class. Restrictive diets should be avoided. Our nutritionists will provide balanced customised plans, and healthy snack options, all whilst explaining to your young one the importance of healthy eating for good long term health.
Children take on eating habits from their parents. Our nutritionists will understand how food is currently prepared in your home, and make simple changes which can make your entire household healthier.

Note to parents:
Childhood obesity can sometimes be caused from emotional instability and stress. Overweight children might also be subject to bullying, and low self-esteem. This lack of confidence may prevent them for reaching their full potential and participating in activities, and in extreme cases can even lead to depression.