Adolescent Sexual Health

Social Problems
One of the most confusing grey areas for adolescents is information concerning reproductive health and how to care for it. This is due to the taboos, discomfort and fear prevalent in society that restrains parents and schools from educating the youth on their emerging sexuality.
Unfortunately, the result of having uniformed youth due to this social stigma, has contributed to the alarming increase of early pregnancies, unsafe abortions, RISE IN sexually transmitted Diseases (STDs), HIV/AIDS, and sexual violence.

Need for Awareness
The need for sexual health awareness and education is essential, with the following benefits:

  • Delayed initiation of sexual activity
  • A reduction in unplanned and early pregnancies and associated complications
  • Reduced risks of sexual abuse
  • Increased knowledge regarding family planning
  • Reduced recourse to abortion
  • Reduced consequences of unsafe abortions
  • Curbing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases

Our gynaecologists will help address your concerns without judgement, and help you understand about the different contraception devices, such as birth control pills, implants, condoms and more. It is vital you do not take birth control pills without consulting your doctor, as they can have several side effects in some people.